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The Next Level of Integration for Smart Cities

The Next Level of Integration for Smart Cities

18 Nov 2019


The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is back for a ninth consecutive year. The three-day event will run from the 19th to the 21st November at the Fira de Barcelona. The Expo welcomes over 20,000 attendants from municipalities, industry and academia. Deutsche Telekom’s booth will showcase solutions for the livable city of tomorrow focusing on five central themes: sustainability, efficient resource management, public security and digital citizen services. Visitors can test the applications in live demonstrations. The banner of “The Next Level of Integration” expresses consistent customer-oriented development and simple implementation of Smart City solutions.

Co-creation with municipalities

Improving the quality of life is the central concern of the Smart City approach. Behind this is also the successful "co-creation" method. The focus is on people. Administration and citizens work closely together for more sustainability in their cities. Telekom will present the advantages of this approach in a three-hour workshop at the fair.

Smart solutions for more sustainability

Smart parking solutions allow cities to reduce the number of cars in circulation and thus emissions, by directing drivers to free parking spaces. Estimates say that up to 30 percent of traffic in a city consists of vehicles looking for parking space. Air quality sensor solutions allow cities to monitor levels of particle matter. This topic has attracted public attention recently, thanks to World Health Organisation reports. Smart Public Transport and Smart Bike Share solutions allow cities to promote public transport. This reduces emissions further. And Smart Lighting makes cities’ lighting more sustainable, by cutting energy use by 10 to 20 percent.

SCEWC will welcome over 400 guest speakers, including T-Systems’ own cyber security expert Arthur Keleti. With cities seeing millions of cyber-attacks daily, the security expert calls for a whole new approach to security in cyberspace. Keleti will introduce the Privacy and Security Assessment, a multi-layered approach to cyber-protection. The assessment offers advice to stakeholders on how to establish feasible cyber-defences, whilst protecting the privacy rights of citizens.

So keep an eye out for interviews from the Expo later in the week. We’ll be asking key stakeholders about the vision for a more sustainable, innovative urban future!


Article from Nadja Kirchhof 

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