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Homburg gets a Smart Bench
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Homburg gets a Smart Bench

30 Oct 2019

The University city of Homburg embraces initiatives to transform itself into a smart city. Digitization of the public services is becoming an important topic in Germany and many small and medium cities want to #takepart and take advantage of the benefits that smart solutions provide. 

Homburg, in collaboration with T-Systems, installed their first Smart Bench in front of the Mannlich-Gymnasium in the middle of October. The unveiling event was hosted by the city mayor Michael Forster with many citizens in attendance and was also covered by the press and TV. Both public and press were curious as to what the bench could offer apart from a chance to sit down and rest.

Mayor Michael Forster presented the Smart Bench as “one piece of the puzzle on the way to a digital city” and we couldn’t agree more. The Smart Bench might seem like an elegant and nicely designed new gadget for the street but it is actually much more than just a place to take a rest.

Equipped with two solar panels and batteries, it therefore uses green energy to power two USB charging points and one wireless charging pad. With a Wifi hotspot and illumination for the dark hours, it can become a magnet for digital natives and with an optional display, citizens and visitors alike can be provided with either local information or streamed content .

The location of the Smart Bench, in front of a school, is a great choice by the Municipality as the younger generation tend to be more tech-savvy, very likely to use the offered functionalities frequently and will appreciate the benefits.

The city administration can look at the data regarding the usage of the charging points and Wifi on a dashboard that is included with the Smart Bench package.  Having the data visualized on a dashboard, the city can make data based decisions on purchasing new benches, where to locate them and better understand the value add of the bench.


At T Systems we have many solutions that can help cities to become more digital and efficient and we hope that we can support Homburg in the future with other projects.


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