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Gijón City Council brings Smart City technologies to citizens with street activities (copy 1)

Gijón City Council brings Smart City technologies to citizens with street activities (copy 1)

06 Jan 2020

Gijon City Council launched the project Conecta Gijon on 19 December aimed to teach citizens how they can interact to a Smart City through technology and what are the benefits of becoming a smart city. 

Through different experiences, that will be taking place across the city centre, citizens can interact with the public lighting regulation, road safety, irrigation system management, control of parking spaces with reduced mobility and electric vehicles recharging systems and environmental noise monitoring, using a mobile phone in a completely interactive way and in the form of games.

"We want citizens to experience how technology, the Internet of Things and intelligent sensors can help improving the daily management of the city from public lighting to traffic management or ambient noise," says the City Council of Gijón. "In the City Council we are facing a deep and ambitious change in our city model to offer the best possible services in an inclusive way, where citizens have an active role in the day-to-day of the city”.

The temporary space Conecta Gijón brings citizens closer to Gijón-IN project, which aims to develop an intelligent city model that allows efficient management of public services and available resources. T-Systems is the IT partner leading this project, which also has the participation of companies from the ICT Cluster of Asturias and the Smart Cities Chair of the University of Oviedo, and which includes the IoT infrastructure and sensors installed throughout the city for data collection and intelligent management of public services, which citizens can discover now as they walk through the city. "In T-Systems we support the transformation of cities to develop efficient, sustainable and collaborative services to their citizens. With this project, Gijón joins the European trend of Smart Cities and is positioned as a benchmark model in Spain," says Javier Araujo, head of Smart Cities Business Development at T-Systems Iberia.

EnerTIC Award Winning Project

Gijón-IN project and Gijón City Council have been awarded in the 7th edition of ICT Business Platform for the improvement of energy efficiency and sustainability (EnerTIC) Awards, in the category of Smart Cities as a best practice to push forward the digitalization of cities. Gijón-IN project is co-financed by, an agency belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Business and the Secretary of State for Digital Advancement, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

IoT and intelligent sensors at the service of citizens

Conecta Gijón is made up of six interactive experiences, which take place in the Plaza de los Campinos and along the Paseo de Begoña. Citizens will be able to interact with technology through their mobile phones in a simple way and discover how the Internet of Things and intelligent sensors can improve their lifes.

Via 'Conecta Gijón' Mobile App citizens can experience and try the following Smart City solutions:

  • Regulation of public lighting: using gamification, the app 'Conecta Gijón' allows any citizen to regulate six points of light thanks to the IoT nodes installed at each point of public lighting grid. Citizens will understand the cost and emissions impact of reducing light intensity in public spaces while maintaining quality of life and safety.
  • Road Safety: Two sensors, located on Calle San Bernardo, make possible to see how the IoT can increase road safety in a pedestrian walk at night, through a system that increases the light intensity of five street lamps for one minute when the movement of passers-by is detected.
  • Irrigation system management: IoT technology can help the city to efficiently manage the water used in parks and gardens through sensors that control humidity, weather or temperature. In 'Conecta Gijón' citizens will be able to regulate the flow of water of the fountain located in Plaza de los Campinos.
  • Regulation of public lighting: Four environmental luminosity sensors (luxmeter) of the public lighting linked to IoT city network, will allow citizens to see how technology can maximize the use of natural light and reduce electricity consumption.
  • Parking Control: in the surroundings of 'Conecta Gijón', two reserved spaces have been sensored: one for recharging electric vehicles and one for accessibility. Thanks to technology, it is possible to effectively control the use of the parking pots to control the occupation and the time of occupation.
  • Reducing ambient noise: IoT technology makes possible to know the noise pollution and its origin. The noise sensors (sound level meters) installed in Conecta Gijón will act on the light of the street lamp in which they are installed when the recommended noise level is exceeded.

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