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With co-creation to success in five steps

Step 1: Understand & explore

What are the core challenges of citizens and our administration?

Where’s the fire? What target group is affected? What is their situation? In this area, you use methods to take stock of the situation.

Trend Analysis

Predict the future

How will citizenship, politics, business, technology and infrastructure change over the coming months or years?

You want …

… to understand which trends will influence life in the city (infrastructure, administration, etc.).

You get …

… a trend overview that will help you to identify future risks and unveil opportunities − a valuable source of inspiration for innovations.

Tools – Smart city in the hype cycle

Image of the Smart city in the hype cycle

Who can do it?

For anyone who can identify trends and is willing to see the opportunities they hold.

For how many people?



Variable; from several hours to a few weeks


The complete method

And now?

The trend analysis has provided you with a picture of the opportunities and challenges that exist. Now continue with the next step: Which concrete task do you want to solve? Choose one of the methods from DEFINE CHALLENGES. The ORIENTATION MAP method is useful if you want to continue working with your trend analysis.