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With co-creation to success in five steps

Step 1: Understand & explore

What are the core challenges of citizens and our administration?

Where’s the fire? What target group is affected? What is their situation? In this area, you use methods to take stock of the situation.

Stakeholder Mapping

Show who is involved in the problem (or solution)

Stakeholder mapping is a visual method for showing the relevant actors or groups (stakeholders) within the scope of a project challenge.

You want …

… a more concrete overview of who plays what role in connection with the challenge.

You get …

… an overview of relevant actors, ordered in the coordinate system, supplemented by information on needs and type of relationship between the different stakeholders.

Tools – Influence/Interest Matrix

Image of the Stakeholder Influence/Interest Matrix

Who can do it?

Anyone can take part.

For how many people?

2–8 per workshop


Approximately 1.5 hours


The complete method

And now?

You now have an overview of the environment of your topic. Next, you can DEFINE THE CHALLENGES even more precisely – for example, by setting yourself a concrete task with the HOW MIGHT WE method or defining meaningful fields of action more closely via a heat map.