Life is for sharing.

With co-creation to success in five steps

Step 1: Understand & explore

What are the core challenges of citizens and our administration?

Where’s the fire? What target group is affected? What is their situation? In this area, you use methods to take stock of the situation.

Explorative Research Methods

Gain deeper insights into customer needs

We can only offer real benefit if we know what people feel, think, and need. Here is a collection of methods to investigate this qualitatively.

You want …

… indications of what services should look like that offer real added value in the lives of citizens.

You get …

… qualitative insights that describe the citizens’ true needs and desires.

The method set

Listen to the citizen's voice

  • Service Safari
  • Creative Probes
  • Diary Studies
  • Interviews
  • User Observations


  • Test Use

Field research

  • Service Safari
  • User Observations
  • Test Use

Who can do it?

Anyone who enjoys observing, trying things out, talking to people.

For how many people?



2–10 days


The complete method

And now?

You now have a good overview of the challenges and desires that are in the room. The next step is to prioritize these or to set yourself a clearly formulated task. Continue with one of the two methods from DEFINE CHALLENGES.