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With co-creation to success in five steps

Step 1: Understand & explore

What are the core challenges of citizens and our administration?

Where’s the fire? What target group is affected? What is their situation? In this area, you use methods to take stock of the situation.

Citizen Journey Mapping

Visualize citizen experiences with urban infrastructure

Citizen journey mapping creates an overview of what citizens experience when they use city infrastructure and various services.

You want …

… to understand how citizens experience facilities and offerings over a period of time and across all touch points.

You get …

… an overview of citizen interactions and their perceived quality along a time axis. The citizen journey also draws a clear picture of existing problems and improvement possibilities.

Tools – Citizen Journey Map

Image of the Citizen Journey Map

Who can do it?

Anyone. Mixed groups from several departments or functions are ideal.

For how many people?



1 day


The complete method

And now?

You now know where improvement is needed. Now it is a matter of formulating the upcoming tasks as precisely as possible. Choose one of the two methods from DEFINE CHALLENGES.