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With co-creation to success in five steps

Step 1: Understand & explore

What are the core challenges of citizens and our administration?

Where’s the fire? What target group is affected? What is their situation? In this area, you use methods to take stock of the situation.

Ad-Hoc Persona

Give the target group a face

Personas represent typical people in a target group. They make it easier to talk specifically about citizens and their needs.

You want …

… to understand who your target group is, what motivations and needs exist there.

You get …

… a better understanding of the behavior of the citizens – through archetypes instead of demographic segments. This enables you to develop ideas in a more targeted manner during the process.

Tools – Persona Template

Image of the Persona Template

Who can do it?

Anyone can take part. It is ideal when the participants can contribute knowledge of the actors/citizens.

For how many people?

At least two


Depends on the number of personas. Around 30 minutes to two hours.


The complete method

And now?

You now know some of the protagonists better and can guess how they view the topic. Next, you can DEFINE CHALLENGES. Or you can use another method from step 1 to get an even closer look at the field of action.